Benefitting from New Cancer Treatments Developed in Trials

“From My Point of View”

by WSCR-NCORP Board Trustee, Debbie Markham

After attending a Western States Cancer Research NCORP’s patient outreach event in 2017, I started volunteering on their Community Engagement Committee. This progressed to becoming a Board Trustee in October of 2019, as cancer is very near an dear to me. The very next month I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. I learned during my first round of treatment seven years ago the importance of clinical trials. Now I’m benefitting from new chemo drugs that were approved as a result of recent clinical trials.

We need to support cancer research for the ongoing hope of more cancer treatments and cures. Western States Cancer Research NCORP’s work goes far beyond just research and clinical trials. We are helping to educate communities about cancer, raising awareness about cutting edge treatment options available, and even helping support caregivers and families.

I’m grateful for every new day and being able to participate in all my beloved, outdoor activities. As an avid mountaineer and climber, I speak about my cancer journey as climbing and summiting my own Mts. Hope and Conquer.

Debbie’s Bio:

Debbie recently retired from McKesson Corp., having worked as a Chief Process Engineer, Program Manager, and Software Development Manager, focusing on patient bedside software, risk and population management, and analytics. She also volunteers for the Severe Weather Shelter Network and the Colorado Mountain Club (CMC). Debbie is an active CMC Trip Leader, Adventure Travel Leader, and Sr. Instructor for the Technical Climbing School. She previously has been the State Chair, Co-Director, and Sr. Instructor for the High Altitude Mountaineering School.

Along with her husband, John, Debbie has summited Mt. Fairweather and Denali in Alaska, multiple peaks in South America, and climbed the 8000 meter Cho Oyu on the Tibet/Nepal border. Her other outdoor activities include hiking, backpacking, camping, biking, kayaking, skiing, and gardening. She loves to travel and experience a myriad of people and cultures.

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