Patient FAQ

Clinical Trial Basics

What is a clinical trial?
Who is involved?
What is a protocol?
Who funds clinical trials?
Who benefits from clinical trials?

Getting Started

Where can I participate?
Why should I participate?
How do I participate?
What is WSCR’s role?
Am I eligible for a clinic trial?

Your Rights & Protections

What is an informed consent?
How am I legally protected?
How will my information be used?
How will my blood or tissue samples be used?
WSCR's Promise

Common Concerns

Are cancer clinical trials for people who have no other options?
Will I receive inferior treatment?
Am I a human guinea pig?
Do trials always include a placebo or "sugar" pill?

What to Expect

Will there be side effects?
Can I change my mind about participating?
How long are clinical trials?
Where can I see the results of the study I was on?
What study was I on?

Financial Questions

Will I be compensated?
Can I participate if I’m on Medicaid?
Can I afford a clinical trial?

More Information

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