Study Database for Physicians

Taking to heart how essential it is that we continue to strive for excellence in our use of technology, during 2020, we launched a searchable Study Database on our website. This new Study Database allows physicians and clinical staff to now navigate and search for WSCR-NCORP studies and offers physicians access to a robust trial menu that investigates agents through more than 70+ trials currently. It is our hope that physicians in the states in which we are the site manager for clinical trials will use this tool to locate studies for which their own patients might be eligible.

View the Study Database for Physicians

Physicians, often the key trusted messengers in conversations with their patients about clinical trials, can see which of our more than 70 open clinical trials are open to accrual (new enrollments). Of note as well, providers can search by specific cancer diagnoses, such as breast cancer, urinary bladder cancer, kidney cancer, leukemia, and other forms of cancer.

Part of our motivation in developing and offering this Study Database on our website aligns with our vision which is the marriage of clinical research and compassion through the progress we help affect through community oncology research. Not only do we provide clinical support for cancer trials and studies, we also reach out to the physicians, and patients and their families in our local communities to play our part in better outcomes for people fighting cancer today.

Typically, physicians at our partner hospitals and clinics will contact our staff to see if we have a study that the patient may be eligible for. The physician relationships we cultivate help address the barriers to access of care patients can face. If the patient is determined to be eligible, they are consented for the study. We are dedicated to ensuring that patients can self-advocate and are educated about clinical trials, and that they have access to the broadest array of available treatment options.

As trusted experts in the field of oncology, hematology, and radiation research, we have opened more than 900 trials since we were founded in 1983 and have been a clinical trial leader in hundreds of approved cancer therapies over the past 38 years. Our new Study Database is another innovative layer to this commitment to expanding enrollment to eligible cancer patients on clinical trials.

Study Database for Physicians

Study Database

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