WSCR-NCORP Board of Trustees


Elizabeth Redente, PhD


National Jewish Health
Associate Professor
Department of Pediatrics

“As a scientist who is dedicated to discovery and research towards innovative cures, I understand the importance of bringing new therapeutic options to the patients who need them the most. The mission of WSCR-NCORP plays a critical role by connecting patients to clinical trials; thus advancing patient care and bringing hope at an integral moment in time.”

Wendy Shaver

Vice Chair

Senior Clinical Oncology Specialist

“I joined the Board of Trustees because I am passionate about caring for and finding solutions for oncology patients. The clinical trials offered through Western States Cancer Research NCORP answer many important questions, moving medicine forward through research. Patients that participate in our studies have access to some of the newest and most promising treatments in the world. It is a very exciting and hopeful time to work in oncology.”

Norm Benedict

Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee


“I joined WSCR-NCORP to help inform the public of the benefits of participating in cancer trials.”


Trent Adams


Director, Ecosystem Security

“I’m impressed with the commitment and passion demonstrated by the WSCR team in connecting patients with available research opportunities. I’m honored to bring my experience in global community development to support their mission.”

Russell Bean


Clanahan, Beck & Bean, P.C.

“I was introduced to WSCR-NCORP through my friends. I found their dedication to testing for cancer treatments to be extraordinary, and I wanted to be part of their solution.”

Dan Bennett


Beacon Group LLC.

“It’s personal to me, and not just because I am a survivor. I am honored to support Western States Cancer Research (WSCR) in celebration of loved ones who have and are continuing to survive. And in memory of a few who lost their battles.

As a leading cause of death worldwide it is not surprising that cancer is a part of so many of our stories. The fine people at WSCR are working hard to bring clinical trials closer to those who need them, in their own communities. Especially for those in underserved areas, this will help to shine a beacon of light on a better outcome now. For future patients, the hope is that studies and trials based on a broader and more diverse base of evidence will lead to a reduction in cancer outcome disparities.

To me, this all adds up to better endings for more and more stories. I’m humbled to have been asked to support the WSCR team in this worthy effort.”

David Gordon, MD


4 Pillars Health & Wellness

“WSCR-NCORP provides crucial research study opportunities and education to cancer patients and their families. As someone that believes passionately about health and patient advocacy, I wanted to not only support WSCR-NCORP, but also learn more about the patients’ experiences and options for cancer research.”

Rob Gray



“Clinical trials are the key to making progress against cancer. WSCR-NCORP has unique abilities to make trials effective for patients, providers, researchers, and regulators.”

Gerry Horgan, MB, MRCP, FACR


Retired Pediatric Radiologist

“I am involved with WSCR-NCORP because I want to help facilitate the Scientific basis of Cancer Care.”

R. Lee Jennings, MD


Colorado Surgical Oncology Associates

“Clinical research is the only way to improve the safety and effectiveness of cancer treatment. WSCR-NCORP brings National Cancer Institute (NCI) clinical research trials to patients in their own community. This is why I have been a volunteer for over 30 years.”

Pius Kamau


Retired Surgeon

“I am honored to be a member of the WSCR team that toils to give more cancer patients a shot at therapy they would not otherwise get.  It affords me a chance to see cancer research in action. I now see that in my surgical practice my vision of cancer therapy was quite limited. WSR widens that vision, giving me an understanding of how research can complement cancer therapy – even in a non-academic setting where cancer patients can get an array of therapies. Certainly, the attempt to include more minority cancer patients is commendable and one I am very pleased to be part of.

I am very happy to be part of and to interact with a group of wonderful, insightful, and wise men and women.”

Consuelo Kelly, MSN, FNP-BC, OCN


The Melanoma and Skin Cancer Institute
Director of Clinical Operations

“I started as a Nurse CRC with CCRP in 2007, and have always felt a strong connection to the organizations core mission. The services and connection that WSCR provides to the community for access to cancer clinical trials is essential for moving new treatments and approaches forward, and advancing the field of oncology.”

Michael Koloshca, BS, PharmD


Advanced Clinical Practice Pharmacist

“Prior to retirement, I was an Advanced Clinical Practice Pharmacist, Oncology Specialist at the Medical Center of Aurora. I worked with Dr. Di Bella and Dr. Pajon, both are outstanding oncologists. After retiring, I was asked to join CCIRB and helped review treatment protocols. Being asked to join WSCR-NCORP is a great honor and is a fantastic opportunity in helping provide cancer research trials to all the communities that we serve.”

Ann Murphy, PhD

Chair of Audit Committee

Metropolitan State University of Denver
Dean, College of Business

“As with many, we have most likely been impacted by some one we love having to deal with cancer. Supporting research is one way to give back and work towards a cure.”

Ed Pajon, MD



“I have been part of cancer research since my early years as an oncology fellow at the University of Colorado Medical Center, as an army officer at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center in collaboration with Dr. DiBella, and as a clinician in private practice first participating in clinical trials with the Colorado Cancer Research Consortium, and then as its Principal Investigator. So it is fitting that I return to the fold to continue my association with such a fine institution, now Western States Cancer Research NCORP, to help in its efforts to provide access to clinical trials to our community, medical providers and researchers. It is only through such clinical research that we will be able to advance the field of oncology.”

Blake Parsons, DO


Internal Medicine Hospitalist

“Joining the Board of WSCR-NCORP is a fantastic opportunity to participate in the organization’s mission to deliver cancer research trials to our communities.  Clinical trials are vital to improving and advancing medical care.  Having been affected by cancer personally in our family and professionally as a physician, I am proud to be a member of this organization.”

Kathy Trujillo


Bell Plumbing & Heating
Customer Service Representative

“I applaud that their research doesn’t stop at treatment. It extends to preventative measures and follow up after cancer treatment.”

Roshan Yadama


Profound Research
Director, Strategic Business Operations

“After working with the Western States team and seeing how the organization as a whole goes above and beyond for patients to promote the advancement of care and potential future solutions to a devastating disease, there was no way I could say no when invited to join the WSCR Board. Their goal of bringing oncology clinical research to patients in their own communities is genuinely life changing for so many.”


Lisa Switzer, M.A.


CEO / Executive Director

“I am passionate about getting cancer clinical trials into local communities and making them an option for every patient who receives a cancer diagnosis. I also care deeply for the staff and Board of WSCR-NCORP and maintaining an open and affirming, inclusive organizational culture of compassion.”

Dr. Nicholas DiBella


Principal Investigator

“I have been an active supporter of WSCR-NCORP because as an oncologist, I realize the vital importance of these clinical trials that are only available through the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to patients in our community. Cooperation with other NCI sites helps us stay in the forefront of progress in cancer.”

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