A Message from our CEO/Executive Director

September 2021

It’s so amazing how quickly summer seemed to fly by.

June 2021

How did it get to be June so quickly?

March 2021

“There is no luck except where there is discipline.”

February 2021

The Dalai Lama once said “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”

December 2020

We couldn’t do this important work without you – thank you very much! 

June 2020

WSCR-NCORP is putting compassion first with the creation of our Implicit Bias in Healthcare steering committee.

May 2020

Striving to open studies during these challenging times in order to meet the needs of our patients.

March 2020

WSCR-NCORP continues to monitor COVID-19 in order to ensure the safety of our staff and study participants.

April 2021

Dear Friends,

With Spring in the air, longer days, and the COVID restrictions lifting as more and more people receive the vaccine, hopefully people’s spirits are also lifting. For some of us still working 100% remotely, we wonder what it will be like to have in-person meetings again and what it will be like to have COVID fatigue finally lift.

To that end, next month on May 7th we are excited to host our Ribbon and Roses fundraiser at the Lamar Street Center. The event will also celebrate the Berris Awards winners. This year we are honoring three warriors against cancer. Dr. David Trevarthen, Debbie Markham, and Gerald Hayes.

In other news, the WSCR-NCORP Board and staff are still engaged in our strategic planning process and focusing on opportunities to have clinical trials be an option for every patient with a cancer diagnosis, including people in rural and underserved areas. Our Staff has been working diligently to create an Implicit Bias in Healthcare resource library is nearly finished, we will begin to partner with other community organizations to put our words into deeds.

We continue to open new trials and bring new oncologists on board, include Dr. Ryan Weight who is featured in this month’s newsletter. Having doctors who are passionate about research is essential to bringing patients onto our studies. I was chatting with a donor in December, and I asked him what moved him to support WSCR-NCORP, and he said it was because he was on one of our trials a few years back, and he believes is saved his life. Making a gift is his way of thanking us every year.  When you attend on of our fundraisers or make a donation, you are part of that patient’s journey of success and gratitude.

So please come out and help us celebrate on May 7th, when you will be supporting the good work the WSCR-NCORP staff and Board do in pursuit of making cancer clinical trials available to physicians and patients in their local communities.

It will be good to see everyone, even if we are still wearing masks and social distancing.

To your good health,

Lisa A. Switzer, M.A.
CEO/Executive Director

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